My first ever blog post comes on a day that has been full of procrastination and severely lacking in productivity. Today I’ve literally procrastinated about starting a blog about procrastination.

I suppose I ought to give you some background info. I’m a musician who lives in Leeds, originally from Nottingham. I have a strange sort of obsession with practice. Everyone knows “practice makes perfect” and so I set out each day to do as much good practice on my instrument as possible in order to get one step closer to my goal of being a successful musician.

It’s days like today however, that I don’t manage to get that step closer, and sometimes it can feel like I’m even moving backwards. I like the idea of gradually refining my practice routine. Being able to fit more in to less time and improving my methods of dealing with unusual situations while still being productive. In a sense I like to practice practicing. On a day like today, where I’ve got next to nothing done and haven’t gotten any closer to my overall goal, it can be useful to analyse why. Today it could have been any number of things that prevented me from doing what I needed to do; getting up later than usual, not sleeping in my own bed etc. I know enough about my own practicing habits to know that I’m never as productive if I sleep in until after 8am and if I do ‘other things’ (e.g. household chores, driving, etc.) before I dig into practicing. But one thing is for certain, these things aren’t to blame, they just add to the internal resistance that prevents me from picking up my instrument when I get home. Unfortunately today factors such as these tipped the resistance level over the edge to a point I have not yet figured out how to overcome.

Despite this, I like to think of my self as an optimist so despite not having improved at all at music today I have learned something else about my own practice routine and know what I need to work on in order to improve my productivity. I hope that by starting this blog I might be able to help other people improve their practice routine and refine their processes for getting gradually closer to their goals. Whether you are a musician, writer, painter, plumber or just anyone trying to better themselves and make a difference. As the saxophonist Bob Reynolds said “It’s a journey not a destination”.

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