One of the hardest parts of being productive and trying to achieve something good, for me at least, is getting out of bed and getting going in a morning (or afternoon…). If you’re anything like me you would roll over in bed blurry eyed, hit snooze and go back to sleep for another 9 minutes if you’re an iPhone user (why 9 minutes anyway?!). This might go on for a while and then when you can persuade your eyes to stay open for more than a few seconds your grab your phone and start the daily social media fiasco. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, check your online banking, back to Facebook and before you know it an hour has passed and you haven’t even left your stinking pit. This used to be me pretty much every day. It wasn’t until after a 90-minute social media session one morning that it hit me how much time I was wasting.

The solution? Nothing expensive, creative or earth-shattering. Just a £4 alarm clock from Wilkos. The most important feature of this alarm clock is that it doesn’t have the ability to access the internet… or a snooze feature! All it does is tell the time and make a beeping noise at a time of your choosing. Now I put my phone on charge downstairs and use my new alarm clock to wake me up. My previous problem with social media binging has pretty much evaporated. A little bit more productive time gained can equate to big results in the long run. Try it!

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