Solo Bass

My solo bass compositions are very simplistic in terms of structure and feature plenty of looping and other wizardry to make me sound like I’m playing a bass with 27 strings! The simple structures allow me to be very free with my improvisations and take the music in a different direction every time it’s performed. This means that a particular recording of a piece doesn’t necessarily show all the potential possibilities for its performance.

The Eclectic Band           

Have You Heard? is the debut album from the Eclectic Band. Building on previous studio projects by Jonathan Curtis in Carousel and Courante Fantasia, Have You Heard? also presents original tracks recorded for the first time by the Eclectic Band.

The album is an exciting mix of styles, fusing jazz, rock, reggae, hip-hop, funk, and latin, featuring squealing electric guitars, expressive soloing, and ambient grooves.

The Jon Curtis Trio

The Jon Curtis Trio are a jazz trio based in Nottinghamshire. Founded by drummer Jonathan Curtis, they play a set list comprised primarily of bebop, swing, and latin standards. Occasionally, some originals make it into a show too.

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