I have a unique approach to music tuition that is led by the student’s musical taste and personal goals. I offer Skype tuition in Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Music Theory and Composition in a variety of styles. Tuition is available to everyone aged 6 upwards, beginner to advanced.

Bass Guitar & Double Bass Tuition

My approach to instrumental tuition focuses on nurturing a musician’s natural joy and excitement for making music and combines it with the ability to be self-critical and evaluative of their ability. This lays the foundations for developing a healthy and productive practice routine that will never become tedious or boring and retains the initial passion and excitement for music that can easily fade away if not cultivated properly.

Every musician is different and so I don’t believe in the use of a ‘one size fits all’ course for learning music. Regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner or advanced professional, I adapt my tuition depending on the musician’s current level, future goals and musical tastes.

Music Theory & Composition Tuition

I offer comprehensive music theory tuition for all instruments/styles as well as composition and arranging lessons. My approach to theory-based tuition is always focused on the practical applications of the topic at hand and how it is relevant and useful as a musician in real life, something a lot of theory tuition often overlooks. While it is by no means a necessity I can guide you through the ABRSM, Trinity and Rockschool theory grades if required.

Lessons over Skype


If you’re new to Skype tuition don’t worry! There are several reasons why learning an instrument on Skype is beneficial. One of the best reasons in my opinion is that it allows students to connect with educators all over the world. No longer are you limited to just the teachers on your local area, you can easily find and engage with educators whose teaching style suits your needs no matter where in the world they live.

As well as this you can easily fit your lessons in to your busy daily life and potentially save some money too as it allows educators such as myself to charge less for our services as we don’t have room hire and travel costs to worry about!

Skype also allows educators to instantly share documents such as sheet music, custom made PDFs and links to music during the lesson and you can record the whole lesson to watch back at a later date. So don’t need to worry about absorbing every single bit of information in the moment, you can go back over things you might have forgotten at a time that suits you.

All you need to get going is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a webcam and good internet connection and you’re all set! For more information about setting up for Skype lessons download my tuition policy at the bottom of this page.

Lesson Fees:

30 Minutes: £15

60 Minutes: £25

If you are interested in Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Music Theory or Composition tuition then please don’t hesitate to book your free 30 minute consultation lesson by contacting me on 07986 161811 or using the form below.



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